Some Monday Night Fun

Christy reminded me again that it was time for some waxing.  I did need to get my eyebrows waxed, and with the heat this summer, we decided to get my back and shoulders done, too.  I’d recently changed locations where I get my waxing done and liked the woman who did it last time, Claire.  I had some time off coming, and decided that I would take Monday afternoon away from work to get it done

After getting home from work about 1, I showered, shaved carefully, and decided on an outfit to wear.  Christy had decided we would wear red lingerie, so that much was decided.  I put on a red thong and red lace bra.  I wanted to wear something that buttoned up, so I wouldn’t have to struggle when it came time to take my top off.  I chose a short-sleeved plaid flannel top.  I pulled on a pair of white shorts, and a pair of white tennis shoes.  I did my makeup and put my hair into a loose ponytail.

When I arrived at the salon, I took my bra off while I was still in my car.  I didn’t want to have to put it on in front of my waxer when we were done.  The marks on my back, shoulders and chest would be enough evidence that I’d been wearing one.

I didn’t have to wait long before Claire came out to get me.  We walked back to her treatment room, and chatted as she worked.  After she finished, she walked me out to the reception desk, where I made my next appointment.  I went back to my car, drove to a shady corner of the parking lot, put my bra back on, and put the silicone breast enhancers back in place.  I touched up my makeup as well.

After leaving the salon, I decided to do some errands that Christy had asked me to do.  The first was to pick up some wine for the weekend, so I drove to the local wine shop.  It wasn’t at all busy, so I was fairly relaxed as I did my shopping.  At the checkout, the woman working rang up my purchases, and complimented one of the choices I had made.  She asked me if I had ever tried it.  I replied that I hadn’t, and she assured me that I would love it, once I had.  She was actually quite chatty, as she boxed up the bottles and I paid.

I got back to my apartment and took the wine inside.  I felt pretty confident, and really wanted to go back out.  I would have texted Christy, but she was out of town for work until Friday.  I decided that I would change and go out for a drink at a happy hour somewhere.  I thought about where I would go as I picked out an outfit for the evening.  I settled on Roy’s, a Hawaiian-fusion restaurant near Disneyland.  They have a nice bar, which isn’t too busy, once happy hour is over.  I thought I’d get there around 6:30.  I was a little apprehensive, since I rarely go out all alone.  

I showered, did my hair and put on my makeup.  I chose a black lace thong and a black padded bra.  I decided to be daring, and put on a black garter belt with some sheer thigh-high stockings.  The skirt I chose, a black Hawaiian print, was just long enough to get away with that.  I picked out a lightweight, sleeveless knit top.  I found some black rectangular earrings as well.

I felt pretty good as I drove to the restaurant and parked.  I found a spot close to the restaurant, but it was still a short walk, past the valet parking and up a short, but busy, walkway.  I got to the restaurant and headed to the bar.  There were several occupied tables in the bar area, but nobody actually at the bar.  I recognized the bartender, Tina.  She was an attractive young woman, with springy red hair.  She’d been working there quite a while, and I’d seen her a number of times.  Christy and I had been there before, but I’d also been there in “guy mode” with business associates.

I sat down, and Tina greeted me.  I don’t think she recognized me.  She cheerfully offered me a menu, but I knew what I wanted (they have an amazing “Hawaiian Martini” with a wedge of pineapple).

The bar and restaurant were busy enough that we didn’t get to talk much, beyond just ordering drinks, saying thank you, and opening a tab.  I sipped my drink and people-watched.  I stayed for about an hour and a half before closing my tab, finishing my last drink and thanking Tina.  I walked up to the hostess to get my parking stub validated, then walked back to the parking garage.  They area was still quite busy with people, but I felt pretty confident and took my time getting to my car.

I got home, changed, and texted Christy to tell her about my short evening out.  We made plans to do something this weekend, when she got back.








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