About Gina

My best friend, Christie, decided that I would make a much better girlfriend than boyfriend.  She’s been teaching, coaching and training me.

These are some of our adventures.

3 thoughts on “About Gina

  1. Gorgeous stories, love to dress like you, i love dressing but sadly not as much as i would like, is it possible to see some of your pix Gina.
    You sound like a dream.


  2. Hi G, just thought I would drop you a line and say how much I am enjoying reading about your adventures with Christie.There is a certain liberated tone to your lives,I wonder how far both of you see this going?
    I am in a relationship with my now,fiance where she encourages me to live more and more as a transwoman.I entertained her on our second date in a very short body con dress and heels, as I simply thought I looked and felt better as a woman.Naturally, she chided me for being less than age-appopriate however, since then she has delighted in buying more and more stylish clothing for me.She has also encouraged me to engage with a gender counsellor and begin electrolysis.
    It seems there are so many elements to this emerging lifestyle where women are encouraging and sometimes demanding men let go of their masculinity and become feminine.I can only see this as a very good thing.
    I look forward to reading some more of your adventures and perhaps hearing Christies views of these
    Kind regards, Bea


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