My Weekend

Something kind of unnerving happened at work last Friday.

I was doing some warehouse work, so I was wearing heavy boots, Dickies work pants and shirt, and a hard hat.  I was, of course, wearing a red bra and panties, as Christy had instructed that morning.  The shirt was a pretty heavy material, so I wasn’t too worried about anyone noticing the bra.  I had my hair in a ponytail, held with a black band.  In short, I looked about as much like a “guy” as I could.

At the same time, there was a class in the conference room of the warehouse.  It looked to be all younger men.  I didn’t have anything to do with it.  Until, that is, that the person coordinating the class asked me to set up a computer monitor, so the class could view a video.  I went to set up the equipment, and as I was working, one of the young men bumped me as he was shifting tables around.  I said,” Excuse me.  I’ll be out of the way in a second.”

The young man replied “No worries, miss,” and continued setting up the tables.  The instructor, one of our salesmen, chuckled a bit, but didn’t say anything.  The four or five other students in the room didn’t say anything.  Maybe they hadn’t noticed.  I finished setting up the monitor and went back to work.

I felt a bit uneasy that he thought I was “miss.”  I’ve been mistaken for a woman so many times (that’s how my relationship with Christy started, after all).   This time felt more intimidating, perhaps because I really was wearing panties and a bra, and it happened in front of a male work colleague.  It also made me kind of happy.  I spent most of the day thinking about the incident.

Christy was away Saturday, so I wasn’t expecting much of an exciting day.  I had a few things to do, but I really had no plans.  It turned out to be an interesting day.

I had an appointment with Claire, my waxer, in the morning.  The weather had been chilly early in the morning lately, but when I woke up, it was already nice and warm.  That changed my planned outfit for the morning.  I had planned to wear my black leggings with the sheer panels, and a zippered hoodie.  I wanted to wear something that didn’t pull off over my head, like a t-shirt, since I was having my back and shoulders waxed that day.

Christy had texted me that morning, as she does every day, to let me know what bra and panties to wear.  Today we would wear beige, which meant a beige thong and padded “t-shirt” bra.  I settled on a pair of very short denim shorts and green Hawaiian-patterned shirt.  I dressed and did my makeup, keeping things pretty simple, since waxing by brows meant wiping off whatever I applied anyway.  I chose my “nude” palette, brown eye liner, and a shimmery nude lipstick.  I finished by doing my nails in teal.

I arrived at the salon a few minutes early. I took my bra off in the car; I didn’t want to have to take it off and put it back on in the salon.  Claire would see I’d been wearing a bra from the marks it left on my shoulders and back.   As I walked in, one of the receptionists greeted me with a cheerful “Hi, Gee!”  I smiled and said god morning.  The receptionists told me that Claire would be ready in a few minutes.  As I waited, the two receptionists started discussing the various skin care products on the shelves of the salon, and which they liked best.  They included me in the conversation, and pretty soon we were all testing the sample products and talking about which smelled the best.  Claire came out to get me as the three of us were laughing and trying different lotions.  Claire smiled and took me back to her treatment room.

I like Claire.  She’s always chatty and friendly, and she takes her time with me.  She had me lie down on my back to wax my brows.  She carefully trimmed and waxed them, then offered to finish them with a brow pencil.  She then had me take off my shirt and lie down on my stomach so she could wax my back.  It’s always a little exciting when she waxes near the top of my shorts.  I was pretty sure that my thong was peeking out as well.  She finished my back and had me sit up, so she could finish up my shoulders.  She offered to touch up some parts of my neck and upper arms, too.

Claire walked me back to the receptionists, where I made my next reservation.  I headed out to my car.  Instead of running any more errands, I decided to go home, touch up my makeup, and change into something else.

I was feeling pretty good, and excited about going back out.  I touched up my makeup, and put on a yellow floral romper.  It’s loose and flowy, and feels very sexy.  I decided to go to a local BevMo and get some champagne, for when Christy got back.

I drove to the store and parked, checked my lipstick and went in.  The store was crowded, but the lines were moving quickly.  I grabbed a cart, and went to make my selections.  When I returned to the checkout line, it was much shorter.  There were three male cashiers, and one woman.  The line moved up, and when it was my turn, the woman said “I can help you here.”

I put four bottles of champagne on the counter.  All four were “Domaine Carneros 2013,” from Napa Valley.  The checker picked up a bottle.

“Oh my god.  Have you had this?  It is absolutely my favorite,” she said.  She asked if I had ever been there, and told me that it looked just like the picture on the label.  She seemed so pleased that I had chosen it.  She rang up the purchase, and I gave her a discount coupon that I had.  As the sale was processing, she added “you look very pretty today.”  I thanked her.  As she handed me the receipt, she said “if you ever go to Napa, come see me.  I can tell you all the best places to go.”  I thanked he again and went back to my car.

I hadn’t planned on going out, but later that night, I changed my mind.  I thought I might go to Roy’s, the Asian fusion restaurant that I’d been to a few times.  I thought it might be fun to sit at the bar and enjoy a drink, and maybe see Tina, the bartender I had talked to the last time I was there.

I did my hair, reapplied my makeup, and changed my nail color to a dark red.  I was still wearing the beige thong and bra, and added a pair of nude stockings.  I chose Christy’s short, red dress (which seems to be in my closet more than in hers).  Some black heels finished my outfit.

I drove to the mall and parked.  The parking garage was full, but not a lot of people.  I walked to the restaurant and walked in.  It was absolutely packed.  Seeing no seats at the bar, and not seeing Tina, I left.  I went around the corner to a steakhouse, and found a seat at the end of the bar.  I asked the woman next to me if the seat was free, and she told me it was.  There was apparently a large convention in town, and that’s who was filling up all of the places around.  I ordered a glass of wine.

“I think you’ll like that,” said the woman next to me.  “It’s what I’m having, too.”  My wine arrived, and I took a sip.  I smiled at the woman next to me, and told her I, too, thought the wine was quite good.  She introduced herself, and I did the same.  Maggie was her name.  She asked me if I was with the convention.  I told her no, that I lived here in Anaheim.  “Me too!”  she exclaimed.  “This is pretty much my local hangout.”  She complimented me on my dress.

We talked for quite a while, until one of the convention-goers, an older man, struck up a conversation with Maggie.  I had another glass of wine and just watched the people in the restaurant.  Maggie would occasionally turn to me and we would talk some more.

Last call finally came.  I had no idea it had gotten that late.  I paid my bill, Maggie paid hers, and we both got up at the same time.  We walked to the garage, arriving at my car first.  “This is me,” I told her.  She gave me a hug.  “It was nice meeting you.  I hope we run into each other again, soon.”  She left toward her car.

I drove home really happy that I’d decided to go out, and that I wasn’t deterred by the crowd at my first choice.


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