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The Poker Game

Early in March, before we were all sheltering in place and working from home, I ran into my friend Ed.  I wasn’t planning on being out long, so I had just done some minimal makeup, put my hair into a ponytail, and put on some jeans, and a white tee shirt.  Christie had texted earlier and said to “wear white,” meaning we would both be wearing matching white bras and panties.  The white bra was clearly visible through the shirt, and it was drizzling, so I added a thin white sweatshirt top.  My nails were a subtle pink shade.

Ed and I have known each other since school, but hadn’t really kept in touch.  A few years ago, I was cocktailing for Christie at a charity event and he recognized me. We’d gone out once after that.  He was a nice guy.  I’m not sure how I would describe our relationship.  He knew about my becoming Christie’s “girlfriend,” and seemed supportive.  We were friends.  He definitely wasn’t gay, but we’d had sex twice, once after the charity event, and once after we’d been out for drinks.

Ed asked me what I’d been up to, and if I’d gone out or done anything fun lately.  I replied that it had been pretty much just work, but I did tell him about New Year’s Eve.

“That sounds like a fun time,” he said.  He was disappointed that I didn’t have pictures.  I’m terrible about pictures.

He went on to tell me about a group he’s been playing poker with.  It was a monthly game, rotating between the players’ homes.  One guy hosts, and another supplies food and drinks, he explained.  The next month, the food and drink player hosts, and another player brings refreshments, and the rotation goes on.  He asked me if Christie and Lexi would like to supply the food and drink.  “You could be the waitress,” he added.

I started out with an “I don’t know, Ed,” but he persisted.  It was his turn to supply food and drink, and he was tied of the same old chips and salsa.  I agreed to ask Christie, although I knew what she would say.  “But me waitressing…how would you explain it?  In a big group, like those big events, it’s easy not to get noticed.  Most people are too into their own fun.  This seems pretty obvious.”

“I’ll just say I won a bet with you, or something.  Please? Ask Christy, ok?”  he begged.

Christie, of course, was enthusiastic.  She checked with Lexi, who really did most of the organizing work, and over the next week, Lexi and Ed worked out the details.  It wasn’t a large group, just the seven players and maybe one or two stand-by players.  Lexi, Christie and I would set up the food and bar, but then they would leave.  I was to do the serving.

On the day of the game, Christie came over to my place to help me get ready.  I had showered, shaved my body, and washed my hair.  Christie helped me do my hair in loose beachy waves.  She also shaved my back and shoulders, just to be sure they were smooth.  Then she did my makeup and nails.  I do my own makeup most of the time, and it was quite a treat to have Christie do it.    She laid out the clothes I would wear – a short black skirt, a black halter-style tuxedo top with a bow tie, black pantyhose and a pair of low, black heels.   She loaned me one of her bras – a black halter-style lace one – so the straps wouldn’t show under my top.  I chose a black lace thong that almost matched the bra.

She drove me over to the host’s house.  The host, Hal, met us at the door.  He stared at Christie and me for a minute, and then greeted us.  “You must be Christie,” he said, reaching out to shake Christie’s hand.  “And you must be Gee.  Damn.  Must have been a hell of a bet!  Come on in.”

We came in and found Lexi in the kitchen, setting up the food.  There were a few steam trays of hot food that I would have to pass around, some other things set up buffet-style, and a bar area.  The house had a very nice wet bar.  Ed had let Lexi know what drinks the players liked, so she had arranged all of the fixings for me.  Earlier in the week, Christie had made sure I knew how to make the drinks and practiced each one.

Ed was the next to show up.  After we all greeted each other, Hal congratulated Ed, speaking to all of us.  “I don’t know how you set this up, but this is amazing.  The food and drink looks great – way better than the usual snacks.  The bar set-up is fantastic.  And, I don’t know how to say this, but your waitress looks fine!   I don’t even want to know what the bet was!”

Everyone laughed, at that, and Hal went to greet the players as they arrived.  Lexi and Christie hugged me, asked if I had any questions, and got ready to leave.

Christie pulled Ed aside.  “Take good care of her, ok?”  she asked, looking at me.

“Of course,” replied Ed.  Lexi and Christie left.

Ed looked around the room.  We were alone.  “You do look great,” he said, holding my hands.  “Just relax.  These are alright guys.  Hal told everyone it was just a bet between us, like I told him.  You’ll do fine.”

The players were starting to show up, so I grabbed a tray of various snacks and went out to the front room.  Most of the remarks were directed toward Ed, about how he really outdid everybody else as far as food and drink.  Ed shrugged it off, saying “I know some people.”

I eventually got everyone situated with food and drink.  The host moved everyone to the table, and things got a little easier.  The players concentrated on the game – they were very serious – and the two stand-by players just watched.  I refilled drinks, occasionally bringing more snacks, too.

I hung back by the stand-by players, waiting for someone to need a refill.  One of them, Tony, leaned over to me.  After making it obvious he was looking me over, he asked me “so, Hal says you’re a dude.”  The other stand-by player snickered and shook his head.

As quietly as I could, I replied “Yes, I’m…a dude.  But tonight, I’m serving drinks.”  I walked back to the bar.  Some of the players’ drinks were running low.

Eventually, one of the players cashed out, and Tony took his place at the table.  As I was making a round of the table, I felt a hand up my skirt.  Tony had slid his hand well up my leg and onto my butt.  “Excuse me,” I said, stepping back.  The other players looked at Tony.

“What are you doing, man?” asked one of the players.  Tony quickly produced a few dollars and said he was trying to put a tip into my stockings.

I set Tony’s drink down.  Hal looked at him for a long few seconds, and said “let her alone.”  The players all stared at Tony, and he eventually put the few dollars onto my tray.  I thanked him.

I finished my round of the table, and went back to where the other stand-by stood, then back to the bar.  The other stand-by followed me.  He introduced himself as Barry.

“Don’t be mad at Tony.  He’s not a bad poker player, but he’s kind of a jerk.  You do look really, um, amazing.”

“Thank you,” I replied.  “I wasn’t sure about doing this, but Ed and I made a bet, and I thought ‘If I’m going to do this, I have to do it right.  So I got my friend Christy to help me.”

“Yeah, I’m not really sure how to say it.  I mean, I know you’re a guy, Ed’s friend.  But you do look…hot.  If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have guessed, I guess.”  He was nervous.

“Thank you, Barry.” I said.  “I appreciate the compliment.  We spent a lot of time on all this, and I’m glad it seems worth it.”
“And it was just a bet?” he asked.

“This part of it was a bet,” I replied.  “I should get back to work.”  I made my way back to the table.

The game broke up after a few more hours.  It was well after midnight.  A few of the players left me a tip as they left.

I was in the kitchen, finishing the dishes, when Hal and Ed came in.  Hal was pleased.

“That was absolutely the best.  You were great, by the way,” he told me. “You really know how to do this.  We were a little worried it would be too much of a distraction, you being our waitress, but you were perfect.”

I thanked him.  Ed looked at me.  “Ready?” he asked.

“I’m ready.  Thank you, Hal.  I’ll pass your compliment along to Lexi and Christie.  We really appreciate the opportunity.”

We headed toward the front door.  Ed reached it first, and opened the door for me.  I smiled and thanked him.  As we walked to Ed’s car, he offered me his arm, which I kind of instinctively took.  We reached his car; he opened the passenger door for me, and helped me in.  I noticed Hal was watching from the porch.

We made small talk on the way home.  Ed complimented how I looked and how I managed the food and drink.  He handed me an envelope.  “It’s from the guys.”  He explained that everyone decided to put in a percentage of their winnings, if they had any.  There was a lot more there than I expected.

We arrived at my place, and Ed jumped out of the car to open my door.  He walked me to my door, where I invited him in for coffee.

We sat on the couch for a few minutes and talked.

Ed leaned over and kissed me, stroking my thigh with his hand.  I didn’t quite know what to do with my hands, so I just put them in my lap.  To my surprise, he reached under my skirt and began to rub me.

A few minutes later, he stood up and led me to my bedroom.  I sat on the edge of my bed, undid his belt and fly, and reached into his pants, pulling out an enormous cock.  I leaned down and put it in my mouth.

“God, that feels amazing.  How did get so good at this?”  he said. I told him how Christy had taught me.  Ed stood me up and undressed me slowly.  The he gently slid me back on the bed, pushing my legs apart.  I felt self-conscious, but managed to reach to my nightstand and get a condom and lube.

He positioned himself between my legs.  I was worried about how big he was, and hoped he would go slowly.  He held my ass and hips and worked his way into me.  It was intense.  I thought of how my first time with Christie felt weird and a little frightening.  It’s something feel it through my entire body.  I describe it a tight sensation in my throat, like what you feel after a bad scare.  But it’s an exciting feeling, not scary at all.  It kind of spreads out all the way to my fingertips and toes.

I felt Ed’s body tense just before he came.  When he withdrew, he took off the condom.

“What should I do with this?” he asked, grinning.  Remembering what Christie likes me to do, I opened my mouth.  That surprised him, but he emptied the contents onto my tongue.

We lay down on the bed and cuddled, and I fell sound asleep.

I had no idea how late it was when we fell asleep, but it was nearly 9 am when I awoke.  Ed was gone, and my phone was alerting me to a message.  It was Christie.

“Let’s wear blue today,” she texted.

Running an Errand for Christie

20170602_130958I had today off work, so Christie informed me that she wanted me to run some errands for her.  She dropped by mid-morning, and picked out what she wanted me to wear.  Of course, according to her rules, she chose panties and a bra that matched what she was wearing – a lacy black push-up bra and a black thong.  She had me put on a gray top with cut-out shoulders and a low neckline.  With my breast enhancers and some help from Christie, it showed just a bit of cleavage.  She had me put on some sheer pantyhose, and a pair of lacy black shorts.  She chose a pair of black pumps for me.

After doing my nails, hair and makeup, we picked out some hoop earrings and a silver anklet to wear.  Christie pronounced me ready.  She handed me a piece of paper that was folded into thirds, sealed with a stick-on heart, and marked “Thanks!”  She told me to take it a local adult store called “Touch of Romance.”  I had been there a long time ago, when Christie had me do some similar shopping errands.

I was to go to the store, give the letter to a salesperson, and have her help me pick up the things Christie wanted, which were noted in the letter.

It was a bright, sunny day, and I must admit it was hard to drive and not stare at my legs.  I drove to the store, and parked.  There were only two other cars in the lot, so I knew I would be almost alone in the store.  I walked in and two women greeted me from behind the counter.  Both were helping other guests, so I walked over to a display of scented oils.

One of the women finished with her customer and came over, and asked if there was anything she could help me with.  I said yes, adding that my friend Christie asked me to drop off a thank-you note.  “I can take that,” she said, and dropped it into her apron pocket.  I told her that I thought the letter included the things my friend wanted me to pick up.  “Oh,” she said, “let me read it right now.”  She quickly read the letter, put it back in her pocket, and said, “Ok, Gina, let’s go look at some toys.”  She led me over to the display of dongs and dildos and other toys.  “So, Christie wants you to pick up a realistic looking dildo.”  She explained how dildos have testicles and a base, whereas a dong does not.  I was a little confused and embarrassed, because I’d already bought o dildo for Christie once before.

The saleswoman took one off the shelf and opened it up.  “This one is not only realistic looking, but it’s made to feel realistic, too.” She handed it to me.  It felt surprisingly heavy.  “It’s not cheap, but it really is the best in terms of feel.  The one you’re holding is six-inch, but in comes in eight, too.  The eight inch is bigger in girth, too, but the six-inch is pretty big.  What do you think?”

The saleswoman was very nice.  She explained that in her letter, Christie explained that she wanted something a bit larger than the one she currently had.  I must have looked nervous.  She asked me if I wanted to read the letter.  “It doesn’t say you can’t,” she added.  I glanced at the letter.  It explained how Christie had made me her girlfriend, that I only wore women’s clothes now, and that she wanted to buy a larger dildo to train me in oral and anal sex.

I chose the six-inch.

“Ok, so your friend says you’ll need some anal lube, too.”  She led me over to another shelf, and described a couple of different types.  “This one contains more of an ingredient to help you anal muscled relax, so it might be better for you.”  We picked the lube, as well as toy cleaner.  “She wants you to pick up some condoms, too.  They’re actually on sale.”  She explained the details, and asked me if I had a style that I liked.  I said I didn’t.  “We’ll just try a variety, then.  I’ll give you some of my favorites.”

She led me back to the register, where she rang up my purchase.  The other saleswoman smiled at me.

I got home to find Christie waiting for me.  We opened the box with the dildo.  “You’re going to love this,” she giggled.  Within minutes we were in the bedroom, wearing only our bras and panties.  Christie had the dildo between her legs.  “Come her,” she commanded.

Saturday Night Out

During the week, Christie and I had made plans to go out on Saturday.  Late afternoon, she dropped by to help me get ready.   It had been a long work week for both of us, so I was totally ready for some fun.

I showered, washed my hair, and shaved, taking extra care to get my legs nice and smooth, and got a head start on my nails, applying a sexy (I think) maroon color.  Christie arrived soon after, wearing jeans and a sweater.   She explained that she had brought some clothes to change into, so we could get ready together.

WavesShe started by helping me with my hair.  I had recently had it colored a pretty copper color, and Christie liked to style it in a loose, wavy fashion.  You can kind of see it in the picture, although she had just started when we took this.  (That’s Christie’s beautiful hair behind me.)

It was really quite exciting, standing next to her and putting on our makeup.  Occasionally, she would stop and help me or touch up something, but for the most part, I just tried my best to do as she had taught me.  I thought I did a pretty nice job on my eyes.  We finished with some daring red lipstick.

Christie told me to put on my black lace push-up bra.  I put the silicone enhancers in as she taught me, and maneuvered everything into place to create a little cleavage.  Christie put on a matching bra.  Next, we put on matching black lace thongs, and then she produced matching pairs of Victoria’s Secret black pantyhose.  They were control top, so between the thong and the pantyhose, I managed to avoid any noticeable bulges.  (Not that there’s much there to begin with, as Christie likes to point out – I think shaving makes things look even smaller).  Christie had brought over a short black dress for herself.  It was amazingly hot, with sheer side panels on the sides from below the arms to just at the waist.  As she dressed, she instructed me to look into the bag she brought and find what she had brought for me to wear.  I pulled out a black knit top with three-quarter sleeves, and saw that she had brought me a short plaid skirt.

Short SkirtShe helped me with the top, so as not to disturb my makeup.  I pulled on the skirt.  It was definitely short.   I started to get a little nervous.  Christie told me not to worry, that I looked just fine, and had me put on my black pumps.  Some hoop earrings completed the outfit.

Once we were dressed, we took a few pictures and headed to her car.  We decided to go to a steakhouse nearby, because they have a nice bar and people tend to dress a little nicer there.  We got there and valet parked.  Two attendants walked out to Christie’s car, opened our doors, and helped us out.  I struggled getting out on the car in my short skirt, but avoided any surprises.  I could tell the valet on my side was checking out my legs, though.  We walked in and the hostess greeted us.  Christie explained that we were just heading to the bar.  “Enjoy your selves, ladies,” she said, as we walked past her.

The bar was almost empty, since it was still pretty early.  I was relieved, because I knew this place could get really busy.  It’s near a few major hotels, and when there are groups or conventions in town, this restaurant can be very crowded.  We had no trouble finding two seats at the end of the bar.

There were two bartenders, a man and a woman.  The woman bartender came straight over.  “Hi, ladies, are you dining with us tonight?  You two look fantastic.”

“Thank you,” replied Christie,” just drinks tonight.  Two friends are joining us, but we’ll go ahead and order.  They can catch up.”  My heart skipped a beat.  This was the first I’d heard of anyone joining us.  Christie had surprised me like this before, but that was in a more casual place, and I had been wearing jeans, not a plaid mini.

“Sounds good!” said the bartender.  She explained the drinks list, and recommended some signature cocktails.  Christie ordered two “French 75’s” a drink with champagne, cognac, lemon juice and sugar.  I felt like I was going to need it.

“Who is joining us tonight, Christie?”  I asked.  Christie mentioned two women, Allison and Sherry.  “Do I know them?” I asked.

“Not Sherry, but you know Allison,” she said, and smiled at me.  The bartender brought over our drinks and set them down, adding that she would check back on us in a few minutes.  Christie put her hand on my thigh.  “God, you look hot tonight,” she whispered.  We clinked glasses and sipped our drinks.  I couldn’t place the name Allison, but Christie’s smile worried me.  “Allison was with us for that bachelor party in the limo last summer.”

I could suddenly feel my heart start pounding.  “Allison?” I whispered,” the one whose brother I went down on on the ride home?”

“Here they are now,” was Christie’s reply.  She patted my thigh.  “You’ll be fine.  Just relax.”  She waved to Sherry and Allison, who came over and joined us.  Christie introduced us.  “Sherry, this is my friend Gee.  Allison, you remember Gee, don’t you?”  I shook hands with Sherry.

Allison looked as surprised as I was.  “Gee, from my brother’s bachelor party?  Oh, my god!”  She hugged me, then leaned back a bit and looked me over.  “You look gorgeous.” I thanked her in a whisper.

Our bartender invited us to move to a tall table for four, so Christie and I picked up our drinks and shifted to the table.  Sherry and Allison sat down with us.  The bartender took their drink orders, and asked what the occasion was, adding “ladies, you all look fabulous.”

“Look at you two,” Allison said,” you really went all out tonight.”  Sherry complimented us, too. Allison and Sherry both looked terrific as well.

More drinks arrived, and Christie, Sherry and Allison did most of the talking.  I started to relax, but felt a little self-conscious about my skirt.  At the bar, it seemed less noticeable, but at the tall table, everyone could clearly see how short it was – especially with all four of us in short skirts.

Sherry and Christie were discussing something, and Allison leaned over to me.  She put her hand on top of mine.  “So this seems like more than just Christie getting you to wear women’s underwear on a dare.”

“Umm, I suppose…” I was lost for words.   Christie leaned over and whispered “remember the rules” to me.  She expected me to always speak in complete sentences.  I was not allowed to give one word answers.

Sherry must have overheard Allison’s question, because she stopped talking and looked at me with her head cocked a bit.  Allison caught her look, and turned to her.  “Gee is a guy, Sherry.”  Sherry’s eyes widened.  She turned to Christie and said “ohmygod…she’s a guy?”

“Go ahead and explain, Gee,” Christie instructed.  She was smiling and sipping her drink.  I explained that I had been Christie’s   best friend since forever, and how it all started out as a dare in a bar to put on her panties.

“It did start as a dare,” I explained. “Then it became a series of dares.  I saw how much Christie enjoyed them; then I realized how much I enjoyed making Christie happy.  Gradually, it got more and more involved.”

“Gee loves being one of the girls, now” Christie laughed.

“So, are you gay?” Sherry asked.

I said that I wasn’t gay, when Allison chimed in.  “Except that you went down on my brother in front of, like four people,” she giggled.  She was running her hand back and forth across my back, across my bra.  Christie told them how she taught me about sex with a dildo she had me buy, and then told Sherry about Allison’s brother’s bachelor party.   They all laughed.

We all had several rounds of drinks, and the conversation turned to other things.  I started to feel pretty comfortable.

Eventually, Sherry and Allison said they had to get going.  We stood and exchanged hugs before they left.  I sat back down, and Christie excused herself to go to the restroom, instructing me to order another rounds for the two of us.  I sat back down on the tall chair, and crossed my legs.

Our bartender made her way to the table.  “Your friends had to leave?” she asked.  “Just the two,” I answered, “we’ll both have another, though.”

“You sure got their attention,” she said, nodding in the direction of a group of businessmen across the bar.  “They’re trying to be subtle, but they’ve been checking you guys out all night.”  I smiled.  She looked at me, hesitated a bit, and added “and can I just say that it makes me happy to see that you’re comfortable with who you are?  God, you have great legs.”  She rubbed my back.  “I’ll get those drinks, sweetie.”