Clubbing with Ed

It had been quite a while since I’d heard from Ed. We have known each other since school, but hadn’t really kept in touch.  I’ve told you how a few years ago, I was cocktailing for Christie at a charity event and he recognized me. We’d gone out once or twice after that. He was a nice guy.  I’m not sure how I would describe our relationship.  He knew about my becoming Christie’s “girlfriend,” and seemed supportive.  We were friends.  He definitely wasn’t gay, but we’d had sex twice, once after the charity event, and once after we’d been out for drinks.

So a week ago Friday, after two years, I was surprised to hear fro him. He wanted to get together and get caught up, and I agreed. I had planned on going to the local wine bar I like, and I thought that would be a great idea. Ed agreed, and we arranged to meet there.

I decided to wear my yellow floral romper. I knew the wine bar would have the air conditioning on, but it was a warm day, and I wanted to be comfortable. I’ve always felt kind of sexy in a romper, anyway. (I apologize for the quality of the picture. Ed took it outside of the wine bar as we were leaving, and the sun was just blazing right into my eyes.)

I walked into the wine bar, and one of the servers who I knew pretty well was behind the bar. We greeted each other. As I sat down, she brought a small sample of wine.

“I know you like whites, and we have this new one that I don’t think you’ve tried,” she said. I thanked her, and tried the wine. It was wonderful, especially on this hot day. I ordered a glass. She asked what I was up to, and I explained that I was meeting a friend who I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Ed arrived shortly after I did, and found me at the bar. He leaned in, kissed me on the cheek and sat down. The server poured him a glass of the same wine I had, and went off to seat some other customers.

“You look fantastic, Gee,” he said, looking over my outfit. “I love the toes.” I had done my finger and toenails with a bright teal polish, which I really liked. The compliment made me feel good.

We sat and talked for an hour or more, with our server dutifully refilling our glasses. Ed began telling me bout a friend of his, Trevor – actually someone who was at the poker game I played cocktail waitress for a few years ago. The friend had just gotten engaged and wanted to go celebrate at a club, and Ed wanted to ask me to be his date. He wasn’t sure what club, but he did mention that his friend was getting a limo to take us around. When I asked him what I should wear, he shrugged, saying that his friend’s fiancee was taking care of that and would be in touch. Apparently she had something specific in mind.

Early the next week, Ed called. His friend’s finacee had texted with some details. Ed still didn’t know where we were going, but the idea was for the guys wear all black, and the girls to dress “slutty/sexy.” I had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but Ed didn’t seem worried.

Ed arranged for the limo to pick the both of us up at my place. He would come over early, to help me pick out my outfit. I admit that I was kind of apprehensive, but it seemed kind of exciting at the same time.

Saturday came and I started to get ready before Ed came over. I showered, shaved my body, and did my hair. I put on a black bra and thong, thigh-high fishnet stockings, and a short black skirt with a side slit. The skirt was long enough to cover the tops of the stockings if I was standing up. I put on a sheer black t-shirt and a floral tie-front top and a pair of black boots. I did my nails in a maroon color that matched my lipstick.

When Ed arrived, he clearly liked what I had chosen. He smiled and produced a small box.
“Just something to add to your look,” he said with a smile. I opened the box to find a leather collar.

I looked at him, stunned. He explained that it was just the collar, no leash involved. He thought it mighrt add to the look. He reached around my neck and put the collar on me. He fastened a small, black lock through the collar, and hung the key on a silver chain around his neck. It reminded me of the leather choker I had worn a few Hallowe’en’s back. The whole outfit was kind of similar.

The limo arrived on time, and Ed and I went out and got in. I was glad to see none of my neighbors outside. Ed’s friend reintroduced himself, and his finacee reached out and shook my hand, telling me her name was Tiffany. She was dressed in combat boots, black fishnets, a black t-shirt from what looked like a heavy metal band, and some black shorts held together by laces on the sides. She was quite attractive. She seemed really intrigued that I was a guy.

We didn’t stay long at the club in Long Beach. It was REALLY packed with people, loud and expensive. Trevor summoned the limo driver, who picked us up.

I guess if I’d have been paying attention, I would have noticed Trevor giving the driver some instructions as we got into the limo. We were driving back toward home when the limo turned into the parking lot of a large club. It was a topless club. I looked at Ed, and he shrugged.

We walked up to the door, where Ed and Trevor paid the cover charge, and Tiffany and I had a security guard look into our purses. It wasn’t too crowded inside, and we found a table to one side of the stage. A few moments later, a waitress took our drink orders.

I started to relax a bit and watch the dancers. I found myself getting a bit jealous of how pretty they all were.

One of the dancers came over and sat beside me. She introduced herself, and I did the same. I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a leather collar, with rhinestones spelling “Vixen” across it. She noticed the lock on my collar. “Who has the key to your collar, Gee?” she asked. I replied that me friend, Ed, had the key. She leaned across me, putting her arm around me. With her face very close to mine, she addressed Ed. “You’re a luck boy.”

“Vixen” and I talked a bit. She asked me what brought us in, if I liked the club and the dancers, and if I’d ever had a lap dance (I hadn’t). She eventually asked me if I wanted a dance. I clumsily replied that I hadn’t really thought about it. Once again, she leaned across me. She put her hand on my thigh and got Ed’s attention. Our bodies were touching, and I could feel my heart starting to beat a lot faster.

“Do you want to buy your little girl a dance with me?” Ed conferred with Tiffany and Trevor, and told Vixen that they loved the idea. Vixen explained that for $100, she would take me to the VIP area for 30 minutes. Ed tried to hand her the money, but she refused, insisting that I take it.

“Come on, baby girl,” she told me, loud enough for the other three to hear and making them laugh and giggle. She took my hand and led me across the club to where a security gaurd and another guy were stationed. They were at the entrance to an area of seats behind a low wall, where other dancers were doing lap dances for guests. Vixen spoke to the one of the men. She told me, kind of sternly, “Give him the money.” I paid him. “Follow me,” she instructed, but a few steps later told me to stop. She hooked her finger through the metal ring on the collar. “OK,” she said, “let’s go.”

Vixen led me around the entire club. We passed Ed, Trevor and Tiffany, who applauded. She led me past all of the other patrons. “You just made every one of those guys hard,” she whispered in my ear. Eventually, we reached the VIP area. Vixen led me to an empty booth, had me sit down, and straddled me, teasing and dancing for me.

“I bet you’re a slutty little girl, aren’t you?” she asked as she danced. “Stand up and put your hands on the back of the seat,” she ordered. I stood. “Lift your skirt up.” I complied, and she began to spank me on my nearly-naked bottom. “You are such a slut!” she whispered to me. “Now, you’re going to give me a dance.”

Vixen and I traded places, and she instructed me on just how to give her a lap dance. Then we switched back again until the the thirty minutes were up. Vixen once again hooked her finger through the loop on my collar and led me back through the club to where Ed and the others were sitting. Ed leaned over and whispered in my ear, saying “you’re gonna need to tell me all about that!”

3 thoughts on “Clubbing with Ed

  1. What a great story. Happy to read your posts again.

    One of my GG friends lives going to strip clubs. She would love it if I went with her. After reading your story, I am more inclined to say yes.


  2. Another great story Gee. I know exactly how you must have felt when you say ‘excited but apprehensive’. Most of us have been there at some time lovely. xx


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