Walking the Walk

One of the things I learned from working from home and being cooped up at home was how important it is to get out in the fresh air and get some exercise. I was talking to Lauren about this last month, and we both resolved to do better. Lauren agreed we could both do to lose a few of the pounds the pandemic put on our respective waists, so for the past few weeks, we’ve been walking.

A few years ago, the city I live in had renovated a section of land along a river, removing some concrete banks put in as flood control, and replacing them with native plants and a curving, paved path. It wasn’t heavily used, and was between Lauren’s place and mine, so we decided that would be “our” walk. We meet at the parking area at one end, walk to the other end of the trail and back, covering just over three miles.

When we planned our first walk, Lauren let me know that she planned to wear leggings and a light, long-sleeve athletic top. I hadn’t really thought about what I would wear but agreed to wear something along the same lines. I had a pair of cute black leggings with sheer panels down the sides. A quick trip to the sporting goods store netted me a purple, strappy back sports bra and a long-sleeved tee, short-sleeved tee, and tank top.

The walk felt great, and it’s become a daily thing for me. Lauren frequently comes along, but if she can’t make it, I still go. It has really helped me, both physically and mentally.

Just this morning, Lauren and I met and walked. It was cool, but I thought that once we started walking, I would warm up quickly. I decided to wear a pair of lycra shorts, a pink sports bra, and a white tee. The tee is one of those moisture-wicking athletic ones and is sheer enough for the pink bra to show through a bit. We had the trail to ourselves today, had a nice, brisk walk, and saw some really interesting birds along the trail. Lauren was feeling playful and took a picture of my behind as we walked.


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