Surviving the Shutdown, Part 2

Last week, while working from home at my “real” job, I got an email from the head of the company. They eliminated my department. Fortunately, I kept my job.

Since mid-March, I’ve been working at home. I’d been working five days a week, and only going in to the office occasionally, until I (and most of my colleagues) received furlough notices. I went to three days a week, with the corresponding reduction in salary. I found out that I was lucky; to make ends meet, the company laid off quite a few people were entirely.

My friend Helen, a CPA, surprised me a few days later and helped me out hugely by hiring me as her assistant for two days a week. I’d done this before, every year during tax season, which was always Helen’s busiest time. At Helen and Christie’s direction, I’d always done that in women’s clothes. I’d always considered it a fun challenge. For the past six months or so, I’d been working one or two days a week at her office, in women’s business suits or dresses. Aside from my first day, for the most part, the only person I interact with is Helen.

Anyway, last week’s notice was a shock. The email itself was brief, and didn’t say what was going to happen to those of us in the department. Then Lauren called.

Lauren is a colleague of mine, and although she worked in a different department, we were pretty well acquainted. We’d gotten to be close friends after we traveled to a convention together about four years ago. She knew that I wore women’s clothes; in fact, we’d gone out a few times that way.

Lauren explained that when the company reassigned those of us in my department, she’s lobbied to get me into hers. It was a nice step up for me. Lauren’s department worked on a wide variety of projects. I would be doing few, if any, sales calls or warehouse work, and her office was in one of the company’s newest buildings. Lauren suggested we get together to discuss the move, and arranged to meet on Saturday at a local pizza place that had a large outdoor dining area.

I knew Lauren expected me to dress up. It was a beautiful day, so I decided on shorts and a light top. Christie had texted, as she does every day, and let me know we’d be wearing blue that day. That meant a blue thong and a lacy blue bra. I didn’t want the bra to show, so I chose a blue sleeveless cotton blouse, and a pair of white denim shorts. I did my makeup and nails, and headed for the pizzeria. Lauren looked gorgeous, in a blue floral sundress and sandals. We ordered salads and a pitcher of sangria.

We talked for a long time about work, and who had been furloughed, and discussed the changes in the organization. I was still quite flattered that Lauren worked hard to get me into her department. She updated me on what she’s been working on lately, and we talked about what I would be doing. Like everyone, we’re all working mostly from home, and going in to the office only when necessary. The company put strict limits on how many people could be in the offices at any one time.

Then, over lunch, as we continued to talk, Lauren asked me something I wasn’t prepared for.

“Would you like to come to work as a woman?” she asked, reaching across the table and touching my hand. Unlike Helen, she didn’t know Christie, but I had told her everything over the course of our friendship. She knew how it all started, how I wore panties and a bra every day, and how I dressed as a woman. I really hadn’t expected, though, her suggestion that I come out at work. “It wouldn’t have to be a dress, if you’re not comfortable. You could wear dress slacks. Whatever you like. I just want you to know that I’ll support you,” she explained.

“I never really thought about that,” I replied. “I had fantasized about it, but never really considered doing it.”

“But you dress to work with Helen, right?” she asked.

“I do dress to work with Helen,” I answered, “but that started with Christie and Helen a few years ago. It was just something fun that we did. I also don’t really know anybody there, and there’s really never anybody around except Helen.”

Lauren thought for a minute, then asked “Gee, honey, how long have you been wearing panties and a bra?”

I thought for a moment. “Oh my gosh,” I replied. “It’s been almost exactly six years.” It was September of 2014 when Christie discreetly handed me her panties at a neighborhood happy hour and directed me to go to the restroom and put them on.

Lauren and I talked for quite a long time. My head was swimming by the time I got home. I had never been so honest with anyone besides Christie. We talked about how nervous I was at first, and how thrilling being challenged can be. I admitted that I never felt forced to do anything; I felt rewarded for doing things Christie wanted me to do.

I don’t really know how I’m going to answer Lauren.


6 thoughts on “Surviving the Shutdown, Part 2

  1. Only you can make this decision honey. When I went full-time I started working with a different organisation and my new colleagues just accepted me as a woman, it may not be so easy for you working at the same place. But it was the best thing I ever did. It is great living life as your true self. But if you do go for it, may be it is time to let go of Christie telling you what undies to wear. It is truly great deciding what to wear to work every single day and that includes what undies too. Please let us know what you decide.


  2. She’s got your back.
    You could take a chance and trust her.

    The world is deeply messed up right now. If you get a chance to be the person you want to be, I’d be very tempted to take it.

    Whatever you decide – best of luck and find happiness where you can!


    1. Thank you, Miss T. Lauren and I have talked a lot, but deep down I think she thinks of me of as trans in a way that I don’t quite think of myself as. Does that even make sense? I know we need to talk more. I do trust her. I know you’ve done public presentations, but did you ever come out to colleagues or dress at work?

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      1. I’ve come out to a handful of colleagues (some of whom have seen my blog); but I pick and choose carefully before telling anyone! For me dressing up is a fun thing, so I wouldn’t want to taint it by working whilst dressed up. I like to keep the work times and fun times separate! 🙂


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