A New Look

I suppose it was inevitable.  I needed glasses.

I had been getting by with those cheap “cheater” glasses that you find in drugstores, but they just weren’t cutting it anymore.  I asked a friend of mine, an optometrist, to do a quick checkup, and next thing you know, I’m on my way to wearing bi-focals.  Ugh.

I mentioned the news to Christie, and within minutes, she was on her tablet, looking up different frame styles.  She found a website that helped figure out what face shape I had (“square/round,” it turns out), and what style of frame would look best with that shape.  The website recommended either round frames or a style that followed the contour of the eyebrows, to soften the “squareness” of the face.  She even found a website on which we could upload a selfie, and “try on” various styles.

The next Saturday, we went to an “America’s Best” outlet nearby.  Christie and I were both wearing jeans and t-shirts.  I had a little makeup on, but not too much.

They had a deal for two pairs of frames and lenses for a really good price.  We walked in, presented my new prescription, and looked at frames while the optometrist on duty reviewed my prescription.

I needed a pair of glasses for work, so we got a pair from the men’s section that had stylish round frames that traced the contour of my brows.  I liked them.  I decided to get separate reading glasses instead of bi-focals.  We looked at some choices on the men’s displays, and then Christie steered me to the women’s glasses.

I was a little worried that someone would notice me trying on women’s frames, but everyone was too busy with whatever they were doing to pay us any attention.  Since the men’s and women’s readers were quite similar, I found a pair that we liked pretty quickly.

Christie really wanted me to get a pair of women’s frames, too, so we looked over the selections.  We had done the virtual try-on with a couple of styles.  I settled on a pair that were close in shape to the men’s pair, but a little more cat-eye shape.  They were tortoise, with blue accents, and the inside of the temples and frames were blue as well.

We took the frames to one of the fitting specialists.  As we walked up, she greeted us with “Did you find everything you were looking for, ladies?”  I told her we did, and sat down for her to take some measurements.  I filled out the order form.  I handed her my credit card to pay, and she looked at the name, looked up at me and smiled, and went back to running my credit card.  She said the frames would be ready in a week.

I’m excited to see how they look.


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